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About Hacker

Cybersecurity Logic Game

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The logic game that proves coding can be cool! In Hacker, your are trainning to become a member of Oblivion, an elite white hat hacket team. You will learn to think like a hacker as you play through 40 three-part coding simulations. If successful, you'll join team Oblivion on their mission to thwart cybercriminals! Your agents will race against time to collect data chips, avoid viruses, trigger alarms, and safely exit the program-all on an innovative game grid the features 5 rotating platforms. Hacker incorporates complex programming concepts into a fun, captivating theme that can be played as a single player or collaborative game.


Game Grid, Control Panel, Challenge Booklet, Solution Booklet, 12 Tokens, 27 Game Tiles, Instruction Manual, 6 Token Stands
Barcode: 19275019204

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