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kNOW! Game

Questions about the game

When do I speak with Google Assistant or Professor kNOW?
In most cases, you're just asking the Google Assistant for solutions, such as "Hey Google, what time is it in Sydney?" If your task card or instructions explicitly mention Professor kNOW, ask the Google Assistant to speak with the professor. For example: "Hey Google, ask Professor kNOW for a Phrase-finder task".

How do I start Professor kNOW?
To start talking to Professor kNOW, you start the Google Assistant app as usual. While in the app, you can ask for Professor kNOW by saying "Hey Google, start Professor kNOW". You can also ask for a specific instruction such as, "Hey Google, ask Professor kNOW for a Top Hits task".

How do I pronounce “Professor kNOW” correctly so that the Google Assistant understands it?
“kNOW” is pronounced the same way as “know” or “no”.

How do I ask Professor kNOW to read out the rules?
For the basic rules, just say: “Hey Google, ask Professor kNOW for the basic rules.”
For the mini game rules, just say: “Hey Google, ask Professor kNOW for the rules of [name of mini game].”

Professor kNOW does not understand my questions.
If Professor kNOW does not understand you correctly the first time or does anything unexpected, simply repeat the question loud and clear. A short break between "Hey Google" and "ask Professor kNOW" also helps Professor kNOW to understand you better. On the Smartphone, you can also type in the text on the display instead of speaking it.

Why does my Smartphone screen show the solution before Professor kNOW has read out the answer?
The screen helps the quizmaster to read the relevant information and facilitate gameplay. Only this person should see the screen – make sure other players are not cheating by taking a sneak peak!

I do not understand the task or solution of one of the mini games.
No problem! If you want to hear the whole task again, say "Ok Google, repeat that". If you want to hear the solution again, say "Hey Google, ask Professor kNOW if he can repeat that."

The Google Assistant does not answer my question despite the tips and tricks!
The answers and sources of the questions can change regularly due to the game being as up-to-date as it can be. When this happens, the Google Assistant may not be able to answer the question, but don’t worry! All players who have answered the question receive 1 point. In addition, players will be rewarded with double points for the next working question.

Help, my Google Assistant cannot start Professor kNOW even after several attempts!
If your Google Account or the device you are playing with operates in a different language, you may not be able to start Professor kNOW at this time as it is not available in all countries.

Please ensure your settings on the Google Assistant App match up with the country you are in.
For UK users, make sure your Google Assistant language settings are on “English (United Kingdom)”.

Please note that if your language settings are set to English (United States) or anywhere else, the game play may be different as the Google Assistant operates differently in each country.