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About Paris Reflections

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Stroll along the Right Bank and lose yourself in this lovely “Paris Reflections” triptych with our CreArt Painting by Numbers set!

Take a deep breath and escape into the City of Love as you relax your mind and focus on painting each section of “Paris Reflections”. Our delightful CreArt paint-by-number kit makes it easy! Simply fill in each clearly numbered section and watch the stunning image emerge. The prepared patterns and high-quality, odorless acrylic paints ensure excellent results as you create a personal masterpiece to proudly display. De-stress and find success as you discover the joy of art in your heart today!

Enjoy the relaxing and rewarding experience of creating art without the pressure of facing a blank canvas! Just as great cooks follow recipes to make delicious dishes, the prepared patterns in this Painting by Numbers set lets you create a personal masterpiece you’ll be proud to display. A meditative activity, painting can help relieve the stress of the day while providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment!

With the same dependable quality you’ve come to know in our puzzles and games, this premium kit comes with everything you need: 3 smooth white painting boards with clearly numbered sections (one 15.75 x 20” [40 x 50 cm], two 8 x 20” [20 x 50 cm]); easy-open water-based, odorless acrylic paints in numbered pots; finishing gloss; dual-tipped, wood-handle paintbrush with fine points (#1, #2) for precise details; paint pot pallet; and easy-to-follow guide sheet. Made in Czech Republic.
Barcode: 4005556201341

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